Ubuntu error when installed nvidia 415 driver

i installed ubuntu 18 with nvidia RTX 2080 of GPU. Then i downloaded and installed the gpu drivers nvidia 415. Then i rebooted it shows this msg only

/dev/vda2: clean, 168760/32735232 files, 4049825/130940416 block

plz help me

/dev/vda2: clean, 168769/32735232 files, 4049851/130940416 block

The regular NVIDIA drivers for a desktop PC don’t apply here and won’t work. Although the 415 driver is valid for an RTX 2080, it isn’t valid for ARMv8-a (the driver mentioned is x86_64/amd64). The driver which is installed on a Jetson is the right architecture, but works only for the embedded GPU because it is integrated with the memory controller instead of using the PCI bus. For now you will not be able to use any PCIe video card with a Jetson (in time perhaps the Xavier and TX2, but TX1 no longer adds features so it is unlikely it would ever be able to use a PC video card).

Honestly, if the video is messed up from odd install issues, you might be better off flashing again. Is there some content you need to save?