Unable to flash L4T 32.4.4 to TX2

Hi there,
i’m having difficulties flashing the latest version of JetPack / L4T to my Jetson TX2. Both SDKManager and flash.sh do seem to be stuck at 99 percent. Running the flash.sh script with the Jetson connected through USB OTG the script seems not to finish.

Is there anything i’m doing wrong by running the following cmd?

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

jetson_flash-sh.log (16.3 KB)

See the attached flash.sh logfile for more details.


Hi Michael,

For flash problem, I want to know

  1. Is your board able to flash with older release like rel-32.4.3/rel-32.3.1?

  2. Do you have other TX2 modules? If you have, could you try to use same host and see if they can be flashed?

  3. If both (1)/(2) are negative, then could you share the flash log from uart console?

Hey WayneWWW,
thanks for your quick reply. I’m currently trying to flash the previous L4T (32.4.3) and will update this post whatever happens next.

Here is the serial output after trying to boot the system. Note that i did not get any messages during the flash process as it is mentioned in the documentation.

jetson-tx-43-4-4_flash.log (12.0 KB)

FYI, that boot log stops in U-Boot. The system is attempting to boot. Was there more log, or does the system simply halt at that point? I did not see it drop into a U-Boot console, and so that implies there was no stray keystroke over serial console to cause boot to halt, but this is exactly at the point where a keystroke would drop the unit into a U-Boot command line. It would be very odd to simply halt exactly at that point without serial console input of a keystroke. This is not part of flash, but is instead the unit booting up (which would occur after a flash completes).

This was the complete log i received through the serial connection.

I swapped out the jetson from our carrier board (which is from Orbitty) back to the original dev-board to flash again with L4T 42.4.3, but it did not make any difference. Here is the flash.sh log.
flash-sh.log (15.9 KB)
It just stucks at this point and does not go any further. In the meantime i do not get any output over serial.

If i try to boot the system (after the flash) it just boots back into the old version which was running ubuntu 16.04 (dunno the actual l4t at this point).


Do you see any log from serial console after you swap back to dev-board? I mean the uart log during flash.

And some suggestion.

To clarify the cause of this issue, you can try

  1. Different TX2. If you have other tx2 module, you can try them and see if they can pass the flash or not.

  2. Different host machine. Try different host machines and see if other host can flash your TX2

  3. Different usb cable.

Thanks for your assistance.
As it turns out the host machine was the issue here. Using another host (running Ubuntu 18.04) i was able to flash the latest version of JetPack. Only then i was able to see the actual flash log over UART.

The initial host was running Ubuntu 20.04 which did not continue the flash process as mentioned above. It just stucked at the last entry without any error / feedback both on the host system and over debug serial output.

I had a similar behavior on a windows machine (hypervisor) which was running multiple instances of Ubuntu VMs (clients), which had an USB filter for the jetson to pass it through. I was able to flash an older version of Jetpack through such a VM, but not the latest one.

Utilizing a native Ubuntu 18.04 i had no trouble whatsoever to flash a newer version. I did that on two different Jetson TX2 with the original accessories & carrier board.

Anyway, thanks for your support.
Cheers, Michael

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