Unable to flash, NVIDIA Nsight Systems - target: Depends on failed component

I’m using an ubuntu 18.04 VM, to flash my agx. I looked at the logs and seen some dependencies errors, but I have no idea how to fix them/why they arise. Are there any packages I need to install manually?
I also tried installing via cli from ocker, but it also failed with a dependency error.
Any idea how to fix this? The log is attached.
SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.5.1_Linux_for_Jetson_AGX_Xavier_2021-06-22_15-41-50.zip (136.7 KB)

Sorry, VM is not supported, I can only suggest to use the host PC with native Ubuntu 18.04.

Well that’s a shame.
What about the docker container, it also failed with a similar error Message.
I will try again later and post the log here.
I have an installed NX, would it works installing it from there?

I have the same problem, you cant flash with virtual machine. You need to install linux system on host and than flash

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