Unable to install the driver on my Asus laptop

My Asus laptop has two graphics cards according to the device manager: one is an intel HD graphics 3000
and the other is a NVidia Geoforce GT 540M. According to the list of Nvidia cards that should work with CUDA I should have the right hardware.
Yet the installation of the Nvidia graphcis driver fails saying the driver has not found the compatible hardware.
Any tips?

If you have a current NVIDIA driver installed, uninstall it, reboot, and try installing the one from the NVIDIA site afterwards. Sometimes some notebook hardware installs with the desktop version of the drivers, so try that one if the notebook drivers don’t detect your card. If that doesn’t work, you might be limited to the driver that your laptop manufacturer supplies on their website.

In addition to what vacaloca said, double check that you’re using the correct installer (ie. notebook vs. desktop).

Thanks guys, I will try.
Bad internet connection here after a storm.
I’ll post my answer later.

Windows or linux? Your latop has optimus in it. The install is a little different. On windows is enough to use the nvidia gtx driver from the nvidia website, on linux you need something called bumblebee.

Thanks Pasoleatis,
I am using windows 7.
As you might guess by the date of my answer I have very little time, because I am working in a summer job that occupies me about 13 hours a day.
I will go looking for the gtx driver.
I am worried about screwing up the display with these modifications to my system.