Unable to poweron Orin


This device is running

Any ideas on how to resolve this? or is this a hardware failure?

We tried power cycling, tegrareset, aurixreset, etc. with no luck.

Given the error below, we also verified the power source. We connected another orin to same power source and have no observed any issues.

Power off the system
Command Executed
5V_PREREG is 4243 mv
P20.0 = LOW, Orin PEE.4 = HIGH (do not wake Orin)
(3710)Did not detect FUNC_IRQ, but doing vrs10 WAR list anyway
whitelist e_falut_32K
Info: Number of Registers is 1 
reg  offset 0xb2, value 0x0
Info: Offset: 0xb2, read back 0x0, expected 0x80 
Info: value is not expected, will not apply WAR to ignore this interrupt
whitelist e_f_osc
Info: Number of Registers is 2 
reg  offset 0x10, value 0x0
Info: Offset: 0x10, read back 0x0, expected 0x2 
Info: value is not expected, will not apply WAR to ignore this interrupt
SOC_PREREG_PWRON enabled, Checking these signals:
Checking this signal VDD_12V_PG
50ms delay between PWRYNK_SHDN and SOC_PWR_ON
P3710 Cold boot power on, not SC7 resume
System_PowerOn: Timeout Error!
FUNC_IRQ (VRS10 & VRS11 interrupt) is 0
Error: VRS10 or VRS11 interrupt is detected, power sequence stops
**************** DEBUG LOG ******************
Print out VRS10 status for debug purpose:

*** Chip ID *** 
reg Device & Vendor offset 0x0, value 0x9
- Vendor: 2
reg Revision offset 0x1, value 0x81
- OTP_rev: 1
- Silicon_rev: R2

*** IRQ Status ***
NIRQ GPIO is LOW (Active)
reg INT_SRC1 offset 0x10, value 0x0
reg INT_SRC2 offset 0x11, value 0x0
reg INT_VENDOR offset 0x12, value 0x0
Command Fail 

Hi @bobby_boucher_jr
Since your company has access to NVOnline, that’s the place for you to seek support.
Please use NVOnline to get the assistance you need.


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