Unable to properly mount rootfs on my autonomous device using Jetson AGX Orin device and Jetson 35.2.1

When I repeatedly input sudo reboot in the serial terminal three times while constantly turning on the power, the following situation occurs.

I noticed that he had a hint
[8.045380] Mount initrd as rootfs and enter recovery mode.
He seems to have triggered some kind of recovery guarantee mechanism, but what makes me curious is that I didn’t deliberately trigger it.
I have confirmed that my kernel has no errors, but it cannot be properly mounted into rootf.Nv-l4t bootloader config.service has also been enabled.I now want to avoid the occurrence of abnormal phenomena that affect my normal use.This is very important to me. I would like to ask for your help in troubleshooting. Thank you first.


this is a fail-safe mechanism that cannot be disabled, and may I ask what’s the use case where frequent reboot is required?
Check this post by another user a few days ago:

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