Unable to run VScode on Jetson Xavier NX with Jetpack 5.0.2 production release

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Has anyone experienced the problem to run VScode on Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX board with Jetpack 5.0.2, despite the fact it can be installed correctly?

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I have to install version 1.65.2
The latest seemed not to work.

I have not tried, but so someone else can try, what was your URL from which you downloaded? Also, if you start it on command line, does it show errors? If so, then you could log those errors and attach the logs:
vscode 2>&1 | tee log_vscode.txt

Also, are you running this natively on the Jetson, or remotely over ssh?

I installed code 1.70.2 on JP 5.0.2 (on AGX Orin) and it worked fine.

However, you can also try using option no-sandbox:

code --no-sandbox
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