Unclear viscosity and density units

I’m working with a similar use case to the aneurysm example in the left atria. I am pretty confused with the viscosity and density units employed. The meshes of the aneurysm are defined in mm, but the density appears to be in g/cm3. The aneurysm meshes are defined in mm, but the density seems to be in g/cm3. According to literature, blood viscosity should be between 3 × 10-3 to 4 × 10-3 Pa*s or 3 - 4 centipoise (cP). Given the kinematic viscosity, the dynamic viscosity does not seem defined in any of these units. Am I missing something or is the rheolifferent in aneurysms?

In fact I have conducted some tests using CFD data for training purposes and the values of density and viscosity at which the predicted velocity field and the continuity and momentum equations do not conflict are 1.06 and 0.00035. My meshes are defined in meters. These are some weird values and I’m quite sure that the CFD data from Ansys is correct.

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