Unexpected error "CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version"

I have started to work with a JETSON TX2 board. It already had an OS installed in it when shipped and I began to install further libraries on top of it without flashing. I have thoroughly followed the instructions specified in the Jetpack 3.3 Installation Guide. In the component manager section I have set the “Flash OS Image to Target” to “no action” mode.
After that, in the board I have installed Tensorflow-gpu from the site as mentioned in the respective guide. But while trying to run python codes using tensorflow I got the error that “CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”. I have attached the screenshots of the errors. The CUDA driver version in the JETSON TX2 board is 8.0 while it is supposed to be 9.0.

  1. Please mention any possibility of upgrading the CUDA driver version without reflashing the system.
  2. I have changed some versions of wheel while installing scikit-learn, can that affect the CUDA driver version?

The additions via JetPack were the correct thing to do. What it is probably complaining about is a compile setting. In any build configuration make sure you have version 6.2 as target (sm_62) for a TX2. The version being complained about is likely the this architecture designation. If that fails, then specific version requirements (versus architecture requirements) can be looked into. You might be right, but verify arch first.

FYI, screenshots didn’t show up. Hover the mouse over the upper right corner of your post where the edit icon is, then use the paper clip icon which shows up.