Unsupported operation encountered: glTexImage2D

When trying to run graphics debugging on my application I get the error “Unsupported operation encountered:”, and in the log the report is:
glTexImage2D (internalFormat = 0x00000004)

I call glTexImage2D several times in my application. Everything seems to run fine in the application itself, so I don’t know why Nsight complains about it. Help?

Hi geosohal,

I’m sorry for the problem you met. Can you provide more information please?

  • the info of Nsight, GPU, driver, Visual Studio version
  • Nsight 5.4 build supported the function - glTexImage2D, can we have your sample to repro the issue please? then we can identify the issue quickly.


It is Nsight 5.4
GPU: GTX 970
VS 2015
Nsight info: https://pastebin.com/pPNgqgdD

Project link: https://github.com/geosohal/graphicsEngine
To compile/run: open the .sln in VS 2015 and compile as Debug for x86


Hi geosohal,

I can repro the issue locally, and I’ve created an internal bug to track it.
It shouldn’t block the use of graphics debugging, just click the menu nsight->pause&capture frame, click “OK” button on the popped up window, then the frame was captured.