Updating cuda in Jetson Tx2


I am working on a project in which we are using GPU coder to translate my matlab code to cuda & then running that on Jetson Tx2.

So when I started working on it, the third part product prerequisite say
GPU Coder support cuda 10.0 or above & GCC complier 6.3.
I checked my version of cuda it was 9.0 & GCC 5.2

I can’t install jetpack again on my Jetson Tx2 as my microusb is broken.
Is there any other way I can fix this ?


I hate to say it, but without the micro-USB you cannot flash to a newer release. Any method of working around this on a running system is very risky as not succeeding in a first try, and the first time boot fails it is over with. Even if you know what you are doing the chance of the first try of manually updating without recovery mode failing and making boot no longer possible is extreme.

I don’t know if you have another carrier board to work with, especially a borrowed carrier board. The type does not matter so long as the carrier has the micro-USB port. In that case you can flash the module on that other carrier board, and then put the module back on the original carrier board.

If the traces where the micro-OTG connector are still intact, then it is possible someone skilled with a hot air rework tool could put another connector on it.