Upgrading to 352.70.

Hi- here are our current versions :

Esxi vGPU manager = 346.58
Win 7 = 348.27

We are trying to upgrade to the current version of :

Esxi - 352.70
Win 7 / 8 - 354.56

Running into problems.

I upgraded the Esxi side 1st to 352.70

The 2 machines that were on the upgrade Esxi host refused to power on.

I removed the K2 card and readded it to one via the web vcenter. Didn’t help.

I applied current updates to our Esxi host and that appeared to help ( we are now Esxi 6.0.0 3380124 )

Right now the machines power up but do not see the K2 card at all.

We are still running the old driver on the OS ( ie 348.27 ).

I’m trying to update it like i updated the other drivers and all i get is a black screen. I type the password and it goes to a blue screen ( not a bsod ). It never logs in.

We are using Unidesk and we create layers for our software. It has worked fine for a good year now. I am about to try and just create a quick machine with a k2 card and slap on the current driver ( and not ‘upgrade’ it ) and see if that works.

Any problems with these new drivers ?

The main reason we are upgrading is just to get the Win 10 support.


Hi Bob,

I’m checking with the team if any known issues.

Best wishes,

Its a bit unclear if you are using vGPU or pass-thru (vDGA) could you elaborate on that ?.

You say that the machines boot up but can’t see the K2 card. But if you now try to install the newer display driver 354.56 does the driver installer see that there is a GPU attached and install OK. You need to pair the ESXi 352.70 with the display driver 354.56 before the whole stack will work (at least you do if this is vGPU).

Thanks Everyone.

I think we have it working when both upgrading the Esxi host to 352.70 & the Desktop ( win 7 ) to 354.56.

Somewhere in the Mix we also seemed to need to upgrade our ESXI hosts w/ update manager.

We went to Esxi 6.0.0 rev 3380124 ( we were not far behind - I think there were only 8 updates we applied ).

Not 100% the esxi updates were required though. It did appear after the update that I could turn the machines on.

We are using vGPU.

I upgraded an Esxi hosts that only had two K2 users on and that went well. I am doing the rest today and tomorrow - thus hopefully all goes well.

thanks for the assistance !.