URDF | Mesh import fails in latest ROS2 versions


Latest ROS2 versions, require mesh file paths to start with file://, instead of package://, which no longer works (see Gazebo does not spawn mesh - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum).

The urdf importer imports the filename with the file:// prefix, which is unsupported in Isaac sim.

Output from terminal:

Failed to resolve mesh 'file:///home/amram/development/nakai/packages/nakai-onboard/install/nakai_robot/share/nakai_robot/meshes/nakai_rear.dae' 

Urdf importer should trim this prefix.

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Hi - Sorry for the delay in the response. Let us know if you still having this issue with the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 release.

@rthaker Of course it still persists. Did anyone resolve / work on the bug on Nvidia’s side that you ask me if it still persists?

Hi @omers - I checked internally. We should be able to fix it in the next release (around Aug timeframe)

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