USB-C Hub Not Recognized During Boot


I’m trying to attach a USB-C Hub (4 USB3.0 Type-A Ports + Ethernet) to our Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit using the front-facing USB-C port [J512]. The hub works fine when I plug it in after the system boots, however, if the system boots with the hub attached the hub is not recognized. If I do a quick unplug and replug, everything works fine. The hub also gets recognized after a reset signal that is originated from J508, but a soft reboot does not deliver the same result.

I did observe the same behaviour with two different hubs with two different Xavier’s, which were configured through the SDK Manager using JetPack 4.6. Is there a kernel option that I need to change to make the hub work when it’s attached during the boot process?


I don’t think any kernel option is needed with devkit.

Could you share the dmesg when error happened?

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