AGX not booting with USB-hub plugged in


I have a problem with one of my USB ports, that I use with a usb-hub and multiple sensors attached to it. Unfortunately, if I boot with it with the USB-hub, it does not boot. I can unplug it, boot and then replug it, but not boot with it. This is the same USB-C port that is also used to flash the AGX, the one that is next to the GPIO header. Does anyone have any idea on how i can get this to still boot with the usb-hub attached?

For a more specific answer you’ll probably need a serial console boot log for the failed case. Just a wild guess though, sometimes the power draw will change things, and if that is the case, then an externally powered USB HUB would solve this (and also work to debug if it is power related).

thx for the hint. After further testing, the AGX booted up just fine with the hub attached. Not quite sure what the problem was.

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