USB camera dwSensorCamera_readFrame always returns timeout

I am trying to use SAL to read frames from a USB camera on my Ubuntu
Other programs are able to present the camera video feed but I am not able to do it using driveworks.

Opening and starting the sensor works and even the light indicating camera usage is lit up.
But every time I’m trying to read a new frame I recieve timeout.
Any idea what can cause this?

If it matters I tried doing this using my laptop’s built-in camera and an external USB camear Logitech c920 with the same result.

Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04

Dear @biber.barak,
Please confirm if the platform is DRIVE PX2 or DRIVE AGX platform?
Could you please share repro code?

The platform is DRIVE AGX
But the problem occurs when running on my laptop’s Ubuntu not the drive.
It is the code of sample_camera_usb (just added some prints) but it is pretty much

dwSensorParams params{};
params.protocol = "camera.usb";
params.parameters = "device=0";

CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwSAL_createSensor(&m_camera, params, m_sal));
const dwStatus result = dwSensorCamera_readFrame(&m_frame, 0, 50000, m_camera);
if (DW_TIME_OUT == result) {

Dear @biber.barak,
So as I understand, you are using the same(just few prints added) sample_camera_usb sample.
Did you increase the timeout parameter and see if it helps?

Yes, added another 0 and got the same result

Dear @biber.barak,
But the problem occurs when running on my laptop’s Ubuntu not the drive.

So, the sample is working fine on DRIVE AGX and failed to run on host?

Haven’t used a usb camera on the DRIVE AGX only a gmsl so I don’t know.
But I wish to have a camera feed on the host to test it as part of a bigger program but for this I need the capture to work on the host.

Dear @biber.barak,
Could you check with timeout value >=1000000

Tried with 1000000 and 10000000 but I still get DW_TIME_OUT.

Dear @biber.barak,
Currently we don’t have this camera to reproduce. Could you share complete logs on DRIVE AGX and Host for sample_camera_usb sample