USB Type-C device mode problems


After applying latest version(5.0.2), type-c device mode is not working now. ( I used sdk-manager several times to update it.)

I tested it with 5.0.1-DP(5.0.0~5.0.1) again.
type-c device mode is normal working with 5.0.1-DP.

I need to use the features of the following port as mandatory.
Also I have to use the latest version(5.0.2) due to some bugs.
Do you have any solutions?

Up-stream Facing Port (UFP)

USB Type-C port next to 40-pin can act as UFP (Up-stream Facing Port) so NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit act as a USB device when attached to a host PC.

You use this port as UFP when;

  • Flashing NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit from a host PC
  • Using USB Device mode on L4T, which offers;
    • Virtual Ethernet connection (Jetson being ) over USB
    • Virtual UART connection (to complete OEM-config headless)
    • USB Mass Storage class device mounted on host PC

It is a known issue and requires a patch.

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It’s working properly now.
Thank you for your supports.

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