USB3 Bandwidth Issue with Dual High-Speed Cameras on Jetson Orin & Nano


I posted before about a USB3 bandwidth problem on the Jetson Nano (previous topic). Now, I’m using a Jetson Orin and facing a similar issue. I thought the Orin could handle 4Gbps easily, but I’m stuck around 3Gbps, which limits my cameras’ framerate.

When I use a USB-C to USB-A adapter, I get full bandwidth on both cameras. One camera is connected to the normal USB port, and the other through the adapter. I think it’s because they use separate bus controllers. But, I don’t get why it’s not working at full speed with the main USB ports.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

I also want to add that i now suddenly have random bandwidth drops. The 2 Gbps of 1 camera is not consistent. Maybe this is due Jetpack6. I didnt have this problem at all on the Jetson Nano. Should I rollback to Jetpack5? Might this fix the issue?


For multiple devices connecting to single USB3 roothub, it is possible performance drops due to concurrent access. So we suggest connect the device to the type-C port to make sure more roothubs. Please check: USB 3.1 Ports