USD Composer Object Display Color?

I have an Obect…lets call it a cube.
I go to Property Window…
Under Visual…
How do I change object “Display Color”?..There is no color picker window to change gray object to red, blue, etc.? It lets my click blue box to right of setting to change the color object from red to “default gray” but I can’t even enter a color code after that.


the “display color” param you see under the property panel correlates to Primvars (primitive variables). if i understand correctly, this param represents the vertex color information. the primvars display color will be used if there are no material assigned to the prim; and, the colors will be stored inside of an array. Frankie Liu made a short video on primvars with 3DS Max if you’d like to know what you can do with it.

i know that doesn’t quite fully address your question. but is the intent to change the ‘wirecolor’ to better distinguish objects from each other better?

In 3DS Max when I have an object with color assigned, not a material just an object color…lets say it’s red…
When that same object is imported into Composer it shows up red. And if I want it default gray I click little blue box next to (/visible/display color) but I can’t change that object back to a color like blue, yellow, or any color. Once it goes gray it never can go back to a color.
I can easily do this using the 3DS Max connector but I was looking for a way inside Composer.

FYI, the reason for wanting to change Object/Face colors in Composer is so I don’t have to assign a material to simple low poly objects way off in the distance, etc. Plus it helps me organize the scene if there are some group colors and not all gray.

I may submit a feature request for an object color picker window along with the Privative Objects Dimension Display/XYZ size edit boxes you helped me with

A box right there under Properties by Transform would be cool. Thanks for all your help.

i see. honestly, i am not sure if that’s possible without being able to acccess and edit the primvars:displayColor value from within the .usda (given my experience, that is). that’s what drives the color of prims with an array for prims without materials.

come to think of it, Max is really one of the few DCCs i’ve seen that uses wirecolor when no materials are applied. but you are correct that once you’ve reset the display color by clicking on the blue box at the end of the setting, there’s no direct way within the GUI to edit it further. i wonder if it’s possible to write an extension to accomplish this, especially if you want to do it in batches instead of doing it one by one.

the devs/mods will probably have more insight on this.

I did see that area in the code a couple of days ago. But, I knew I’d never really enjoy entering random numbers like… [(01, 04, 05 ,10)] and then hoping I got lucky and made a green box. :)

I believe I had an object imported from MAX that held the Selection Grouping of faces within an object. I thought that was kinda cool.

How do you submit a Feature Request…or do developers just read the threads?

sometimes people would make a thread for feature request that indicates as such in the post title. i am pretty sure the devs/mods would read the threads; but, if you are inclined, you can make a separate Post and link to this post to provide them with a bit more context.