Use different camera or perspective as viewport will change the camera data rgb and depth topic output

I have make two ros camera to pub rgb and depth info.
after the sim start , as I change the default viewport from left camera to right camera, the left camera topic output changes from left camera to right camera; and changes to perspective ,the output is about perspective , and the right camera is the same if I change viewport2. It seems like the viewport bind with the ros camera I build, I think it is ridiculous ! Because the camera data changes with viewport ! How should I fix it ??

and as I create a new viewport using Perspective, the two camera topic output become all 0 , the image is black

it really confuse me that why viewport changes make sense to the camera output ?

sorry, I have tried the ROS Stereo — Omniverse Robotics documentation
stereo example, It is the same . It means it is the normal feature of isaacsim feature.


unfortunately this is the limitation at the moment that the camera view is tied to the viewport

Thanks !!! I got it !!
But is there any way that we can use other viewport such as perspective or another camera , so we can see the simulation runs in different sight, maybe it will make sense .

Yes you can go Window -> New Viewport Window, and from the camera dropdown in the new viewport create a new camera. This can then be used as a perspective separate from what is being sent to ROS.