Use Lane Detection Sample with OV10635 or USB Camera?

I have a Drive PX2 and would like to run the lane detection sample with my camera. However, I only have OV10635 and USB cameras. Is there any way I can modify the source code or use some other method to allow the sample lane detection program to run with these cameras?

Currently the documentation says these cameras are not supported by this sample (as confirmed by our attempts to use them with the code), but I was hoping there was a workaround. Thanks very much.

I am working on something similar and I could not make it work with usb camera so far. Therefore I would like to hear the feedback from the forum moderators on the topic too.

Thank you!

Dear JerryHong and Reway,

Currently the sample DNNs we package will be supported using ONLY AR0231/Sekonix. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback, SteveNV.

Do you mean that it is not possible to initialize DriveNet when we call dwSAL_createSensor() with the protocol camera.usb even when we modify the code?

I mean, run DriveNet or any other DNN sample…