Using CloudXR HL2 client with Windows Runtime Component

I’m currently trying to extend the functionality of the NVIDIA CloudXR client app for HoloLens2 to perform ArUco marker tracking. The C++/WinRT app of the client app is initialized using MTA. The CloudXR functionality is provided using two .dlls. I’ve included the ArUco tracking capability in a separate Windows Runtime Component which the client app is referencing to. My app starts up connecting to the server and starts receiving frames, however as soon as I start up the HL2 camera using:

            _holoLensMediaFrameSourceGroupStarted = true;

my client stops receiving frames. Instead of Success the LatchFrame function returns Frame_Not_Ready . Because of that I’m assuming that the connection to the server still is open. I’ve defined all ref classes in my Windows Runtime Component as agile by default. So ThreadingModel should be set to Both and MarshallingType to Agile . I’m assuming that some background thread of the CloudXR .dlls somehow gets blocked. Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on or how I could resolve my issue? I’ve been stuck here for weeks and i can’t seem to figure out where things go wrong.

I’ve also tried using Vuforia tracking using .lib instead of a Windows Runtime Component which led to the same issue.