Using nsight to profile UE5 while in editor

  • I’m new to game design and I would like to profile my game. How do I profile in UE5 editor after clicking play using nsight graphics?

  • Is there a different tool or better tool I should be using to profile my game while in ue5 editor?

I can launch ue5 from nsight graphics, but i can’t seem to get the correct settings/configurations set to profile without either ue5 crashing or nsight graphics crashing.

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics. You mentioned in your post that your game and/or Nsight Graphics keeps crashing. What version of Nsight Graphics do you have? You should launch the UE5 editor from Nsight Graphics. Nsight Graphics supports UE5 editor mode, just config Nsight Graphics to launch the UE5 Editor, then enter PIE mode, and then profile with Nsight Graphics.