Using ROS to communicate between Jetson nano and Arduino

I want to operate my servos using Arduino via python through ros serial connction from Jetson nano. the reason is that when my Jetson inference program detects an object using detectnet this information must pass to arduino uno so that servos start to operates and pick the object.
The arduino code is available. but we are stuck without the python code in jetson program.
Can anyone please help me… Please since it is crucial

Please check if can have ideas from below topic: My Jetson Nano powered robotic project - Mariola - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Projects - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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But he is not telling about arduino operation and giving angles in jetson program. Not very much elaborated

Hi, I’m not familiar with rosserial, but my understanding is that you run a node on the ROS side that translates the messages to serial protocol. So perhaps you could launch this along with the detectnet node from ros_deep_learning package ( Then in theory the Ardunio would receive the detections and calculate the angles for the servos.

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