My Jetson Nano powered robotic project - Mariola


I like to share with you a Jetson Nano 3GB powered robotic project I’m working on.
The code name is Mariola and it’s all about the human - robots interactions.

Im using the pose detection ML model from the Jetson playground to detect person pose - and then let Mariola (the robot) mimic this pose.

The mechanics of the robot itself is based on the Arduino Nano as a controllers and some step motors, servos, NeoPixels leds and other stuff.

The basic of the way it work is:
Jestson runs the customized in python script with the resnet18-body giving back the planar coordinates of the detected joints.
Those are recalculated via some IK model to get the servos positions
Results are sent to the Ardiono Master via UART - and the rest is done by the Arduinos.

[edit - added video]
The robot demo video:

The project description video:

The project GitHub page for the jetson “brain”:

For the moment the project is in active development and is constantly modified.
Hope you find it interesting!


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