Connect Jetson nano to Arduino


I have trained my model for object detection, and everything works well, it detects the objects with no problem, however, I would like to connect Arduino to Jetson Nano, so when it detects one of the objects, and the confidence level of the model is above 90% it will send the data to the Arduino and will turn on an LED.
I am working with the Jetson-inference library by dusty, cloned from GitHub, however I am finding zero documentation about how to make this sort of things even though I have seen around it is possible to do such thing.
I know how to send the data in order to turn on the LED from the Jetson-nano to the Arduino through Python, however I would like to make it possible when detects an object from my model.
Does anyone know how I can achieve this? or Anywhere where I can find a piece of documentation about this?


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Hi @fratanto,

This forum talks more about updates and issues related to TensorRT. We recommend you to post your query here.

Thank you.

Done it!

This looks like a Jetson issue. We recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link