Using tegradevflash during production flashing to set boot state

I am working on setting up a couple hundred devices for production. My goal is to be able to reboot the boards to either recovery or standard modes over the usb0 connection.

I am able to flash them without issue and I notice there is a line at the end of the flashing script to use tegradevflash --reboot coldboot to boot the device into the standard mode.

I was hoping to use this tool to set the boot mode for the device, but when I have a device in recovery mode and send the command the screen hangs and eventually the host machine kills the process for being unresponsive:

sudo ./tegradevflash --instance /001/028 --reboot coldboot

Is there anything I am missing to run this command? Are the environment variables that I need to setup for this to work?

We don’t suggest to use that tool for that. This tool does not validate with multiple devices case.

I am curious, although you have that many total devices, how many are you wanting to simultaneously flash? Are you using a custom carrier board such that it is difficult to wire in (assuming use of the 0.1"/0.25mm pins rather than a button) due to physical connect difficulties?

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