V4L2 and libArgus, camera


I am going to receive a new camera, the FSM-IMX304. I worded with Gige camera, so it is new for me.
I see that I can use libArgus, or V4L2. In fact, the manufacter provides a library called libsv which is a streamlined V4L2 library, but I can use V4L2 or libArgus. I develop in C++.

The purpose of my project is to capture 5 times the same image as fast as possible, and in the same time, in an other thread, I process those 5 images. I have to do it 4500 times.
I need to unable all image process, modify the exposure time, and be in mono chromacity.

I didn’t find how modify the exposure time and the chromacity with libsv, it is not specified in the documentation. If some of you have experience with libsv it will be very helpfull !

Moreover, with my previous camera, I get the image directly in a tabular of unsigned char*. With the new one, it will be void* (I .raw). Do you know how convert it into a unsigned char* ? Can I cast direclty ? Because I tried and I obtain only 0 or 1. I need to adapt the image with my code.

Thank you for your help

For the Gige camera that couldn’t use the libargus. Only the mipi bayer sensor can use libargus.

I know. I worked with Gige camera, and now I am going to receive a new one, and this one is compatible with libargus, it is the FSM-IMX304.

So your problem is libsv? I have no idea for the libsv but the exposure time can be control by the argus API.

I didn’t find how modify the exposure time and the chromacity with libsv

Hi Laine,
I am working the same with libsv but I could not find any single document except the sample code from the manufacture. Would you please share if any for referrence?


Hi lehoangphuc86,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks