vGPU NVidia Not Seen by Windows Server 2016

Running XenServer Hypervisor. When we boot old Windows 2012 Server, the Server sees the vGPU Nvidia GRID K260 - Result! BUT newly built Windows 2016 Server, just sees the Basic Microsoft Display Adapter.
Physically, the vGPU isn’t being passed. Help ?

Which driver did you install? Screenshot from Device Manager?

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Installed NVidia GRID K2 but want to use GRID K260

Just to add… DRIVER WON’T INSTALL on Windows 2016 Server because it can’t see it. We get “no compatible hardware detected”.
XenServer Hypervisor has the vGPU because on starting up old Windows Server 2012 VM on same Hypervisor Host…we see the GPU in Device Manager on Windows 2012 Server and therefore install of NVidia Driver works,

Well, there is no GPU assigened to the VM otherwise the device manager would show a device. Please first assign the K260Q profile to the VM and try again

GPU is assigned. It’s just not “seeing” it

GPU Assigned but NVidia still not visible

Did you find a solution to your issue?
We have the same issue with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2, NVidia Tesla-M10 and Windows Server 2016.