Vibrante Definition


I am trying to compile the driveworks h264 sample decoder to run as a node on ros, but noticed that the following lines of code in “WindowEGL.cpp” are causing a compilation error.

#include "WindowQNXEGL.hpp"
#include "WindowLinuxEGL.hpp"

the error thrown is: #elif with no expression. In which files have VIBRANTE_V5Q and VIBRANTE_5L been defined, and do these files have to be included in the compilation?

Dear hleong,

Maybe you need WindowLinuxEGL.hpp file for driveworks cross-compilation.
WindowQNXEGL.hpp is for QNX OS.

Dear Steve,

Currently, WindowLinuxEGL.hpp is also included in the folder compilation. However, this error has persisted, and it was noticed that this was because the definition of VIBRANTE_5Q and VIBRANTE_5L could not be found. Could I check where are these variables defined within the PX2?

Thank you!

Dear hleong,

Could you please refer to the following link for DriveWorks & ROS compilation?

DriveWorks : DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Samples -> Cross-Compiling for the NVIDIA DRIVE Platform (Linux) in your host pc /usr/local/driveworks/doc