video_convert is wrong


./video_convert /disk1/nfs/tx1_project/data/1.yuv 1920 1080 YUV420M /disk1/nfs/tx1_project/data/2.yuv 800 480 YUV420M -im 4

but the output data is wrong, and 3 frame only output 2 frame
data.rar (3.78 MB)

Hi SunYe,

We run your command, result looks good.
Also check your yuv files, 1.yuv (1920x1080) and 2.yuv (800x480) are 3 frame.
Please check again and let us know the result. Thanks!

I think is my problem。

because the output is yuv420m,but i use software to see the yuv use IYUV, so the color is error

i use yv12 to see the data is ok