Video Stabilization on Tegra K1

Dear community,

I’m here to ask for some help about video stabilization on TK1, more in details through VisionWorks.

I would like to do an online stabilization of a video stream over the LAN, but when it comes to use the provided VW sample (video_stabilizer) I get a lot of latency (around 1.5s), especially if I use the default parameters (n=5) for the number of smoothing frames. I would like to know if you can help me in reducing that latency or at least if you can tell me which parts of the code are responsible for that.

I need to keep it below a threshold of 200-300ms; do you think it is a result I can achieve?

Do you know any other way to get a decent real time video stabilization with the TK1? (i.e. OpenCV with CUDA acceleration)

Thanks a lot for your time, any answer will be appreciated.



hello alessandrodortenzio,

may i know the image resolution and fps you would like to do video stabilization,
also, please refer to this external wiki page to boost the performance.

Dear JerryChang,

The resolution ranges between 640x480 and 1280x720 with fps from 12 to 19 usually. So I guess it’s not a problem of resolution. I would like at the same time to keep the CPU load as lower as possible in order to keep computational power for further applications. Do you think that is anything I could achieve? An acceptable latency would be 200-300ms at most. Thanks for your time!



Dear Alessandro,

It’s a long time since you post your message,

I’m wondering if you succeed to lower the latency ?

additionally, in order to understand more what is the input of the video camera (is it USB )?

I understood your output is RJ45.

Thank you for your information,