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Hi, I just setup Omniverse and am using the Revit connector. With a nearly blank project, I click send to view. I was getting a version error until I uninstalled all versions, only installed the latest version, then manually selected that version in the Revit settings. After that, View did open but everything appeared to be gray. Still some UI but no content I could see. I am still able to interact with the program but everything is gray. See image and log file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

omniverse-kit.log (250.8 KB)

Hi Alan,

A few things first:

Revit Version
Revit Connector Version
Did you install Collaboration? If not, please do so to make Send to View work properly … we will have a notification in the Connector about this soon and we’ll make it work without Collaboration in the near future.

Have you tried just Publishing this model to Omniverse and opening it in View manually? (without using Send to View)



According to the log, you’re running on a GTX 1060, and thus the renderer fails to initialize.

That’s why the viewport remains empty. The renderer requires an RTX GPU.

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Here are the requirements for View - Omniverse View Requirements — Omniverse View documentation

Thanks @tbiedert , I missed that in the logs

Thank you both! I could have guessed it had something to do with my prehistoric video card. Too bad I will never find a 3000 series card.

Hi Alan, I have a RTX 2060, it works great great. I’ll wait for long longtime to get 3000 series but for the moment, the 2060 is enough, if you search well, there are people who is changing to 3000 series who sell their 2060 for nothing, good luck,