Vista beta drivers on Dell XPS 1330M Any problems reported?

Thanks to the Nvidia team for adding Vista support for CUDA.

In the Announcements and News forum, dhoff wrote

Has anyone tried the new Vista drivers on a Dell XPS M1330 (or other xps) laptop?


yep I tried them on my 1330, and it worked (quite sloooooowly compared to my 8800 ultra, surprisingly >.< ).

But I think I might have some troubles with the graphic card (dummy screens after a while, and BSOD following) I don’t think it is related to CUDA, but I rollbacked the drivers since (and the problem remains …)

Do you know for sure that the problems are not related to the drivers?

I started this topic because I was a bit worried about the possibility that there could be physical problems with the hardware if the drivers cause unpredictable behaviour with power or temperature regulation.

Maybe best to stick to emulation mode on the laptop?

I can’t figure out what the is problem with my laptop … Even with the old drivers, a random problem seems to happen sometimes and crash the machine (I can play games, and it didn’t crash for two days, but this morning when I rebooted it, it crashed after a few minutes…) .

So I would advise you not to install these drivers for the moment … If someone with the same model has experimented, I’d be glad to know what happenned :P

I think I will call Dell in the next few days in order to have it fixed (but the problem is so random I can’t figure out what is wrong … maybe memory, maybe gpu, maybe gpu mem …)

CUDA 2.0 beta runs on our Dell XPS 1330m here.

If you really want to do some CUDA development on that laptop, it is fine.
We haven’t had any crashes here yet, but remember it is a beta.


Thanks for the information.

As an aside, I have now got the same kind of problems as reported earlier by tim-timmy and Dell are going to swap the motherboard. The problem is NOT in any way related to the CUDA beta drivers (I have not installed them).

Yeah in fact I had my motherboard changed few days after my last message, because the graphic card had finished its agony. This is a classical issue with this laptop, so I would advise you to be careful with the GPU and not to have it do too much computations in order to avoid overheating.