Visual Studio Nsight solution not able to add a Google Test project

I have developed a good working CUDA imaging Nsight solution in Visual Studio 2022 and wanted to move some ad-hoc tests to a proper Google Test platform in a new project as part of that solution. My problem is it’s pretty easy to add a Google Test Project to a solution but adding my test code wont build against the Cuda Toolkit (or support GPU debugging).

Alternatively, adding a Google Test Nuget plugin to a CUDA project will compile and link my existing code dependent on the cuda platform, the linker fails on the Google Test content.

Has anyone built a Google Test project in VS NSight that links and runs? Any pointers to how to set that up?

I’m running the Cuda 12.3 toolkit.


Sorry @drstriate , I don’t have that knowledge either. You may have more luck asking in CUDA programming. As this is more like a question for CUDA solution, not nsight solution.

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