VMware esxi 6.7 U2 and crashing windows 10 VM with Tesla T4 or P100 VGPU


I have a Tyan GPU server with Tesla T4 (also happens with P100) running the q4 profile and its freezing overnight on the VM or when the VM is left idle for long periods.
Is there any known issues peope are aware of? Some VM best practises for esxi I should be applying to win10 machine?
I am using the latest grid driver : NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-6.7-440.43-441.66. Im going to create a ticket on this but in the mean time if anyone has piinters would be helful.


No known issues immediately come to mind. Have you changed the Windows Power Management settings inside the VM?



Hi MG,
Interesting thought, is there a best practise guide showing what’s best?
Is it a known issue with power management settings, I guess just disable them all


Hi Charles

I always configure the Windows Power Management in Control Panel for High Performance. You can do that manually or through GPO.

I’m not aware of any specific best practice guide that details it, it’s just something that I’ve always done. Worth a try and it’s quick and easy to do :-)