VOL(Iol)setting for jetson ori nx i2c bus

Hi nvidias,
I measured Vol for jetson carrier board I2C,the voltage was aboat 700mV, It’s invaild for I2C slave deives,so I want to make it lower, In forum,I found some topics aboat this issue:
The Vol needs to be tuned accordingly if necessary. The VDD is the internal pin supply which is 1.2V or 1.8V. The real Vol value= internal pull down res * Iol. The internal pull down can be tuned so as to fulfill the Vol of I2C spec. In fact, the current default value can fulfill the I2C spec.
So how can I configure Iol,which document explain the configuration of Iol.

Hi, please tell which I2C port you tested.

J20 and J21 from Jetson carrier board .

Hi, did you meet any issue during real use case of sensor? You can just try it with current setting to check if any issue. If you want to tune the pull-down, please refer to the Orin Series SoC Technical Reference Manual in DLC for DRVUP/DRVDN tuning. But generally we have not receive such failure report on cam_i2c function yet.

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