VRWorks 360 Nvstitch on Windows 10 Error "Unsupported Audio Codec" with Obsidian Cam

Hello all!

Have been messing around with the nvstitch sample included with the VRWorks360 2.0 & 2.1 SDK on Windows 10 (using the run batch file included with it). I can’t seem to stitch together Obsidian camera video files, although I can stitch the example files and additionally ZCAM files.

The only difference I can gleam is that ZCAM and as well as the included sample files encode their audio with AAC whereas the Obsidian camera encodes its audio with PCM.

Is there some sort of dependency or method of installing a needed codec to get this working on Windows 10?

The following is the error I get when running the sample: Error at line 307: Unsupported audio codec Stitching failed.

Happy to provide more clarification if needed, thanks!

Inspecting the .mov files the Obsidian camera spits out with a media information tool tells me the videos are encoded with an MPEG-4(Quicktime) codec. The video format is AVC and the audio format is PCM with a bit depth of 16 bits, a codec ID of sowt, and it is Little/Signed.

Is it perhaps necessary to re-encode the videos to a compatible format ?