Warehouse Physics demo Low FPS


I’m having issues with fps in the warehouse physics demo. The demo scene in question is from

I’m achieving about ~1fps on the following configuration:
CPU: i9-12900K
GPU: RTX 3090Ti
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Isaac Sim Version: 2023.1.1 (Tried on multiple versions)

GPU usage is at ~3% utilisation and only 1 core of the CPU is at 100% utilisation. I have attempted to change some settings in the Physics preference to no avail (Num simulation threads etc). I’m unsure what is causing this low fps. It is a cluttered physics scene but I would assume it would run at a more stable framerate. Is this how it is meant to run?

After watching the demonstration of this scene in an NVIDIA video:

The simulation appears to run at a consistently high frame rate. I understand that this is in “create”, but unless the underlying physics simulation is different, I’m unsure why the fps is so low in my situation.

Do I have something wrong with my installation or is this expected behaviour?

Many thanks,

in create by default the simulation output goes back to USD, which is not very fast. Please try to do these two things:

  1. Enable omni.physx.fabric extension - this will output transformations into Fabric, this is picked up by renderer so things should render fine
  2. To get some additional perf boost you can run the asynchronous simulation here, since there is no script interaction. So if you select the PhysicsScene in the advanced you can se the simulation mode to asynchronous.


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