Simulation conveyor move takes too much performance!

I found it when I try to simulate a conveyor-moving scenario, the FPS is down obviously.
As the following video you can see, when the conveyor starts moving, the FPS decreases by about 10.
This is my test scenario, in the real project I simulated the FPS down to only 4.
Should I upgrade my hardware? Any suggestions?

there are few things that should help with performance.

  1. You can try to enable omni.physx.flatcache extension to get some performance boost for the transformation updates
  2. For a lower number of rigid bodies you can simulate on the CPU (GPU is default), on a PhysicsScene prim set GPU dynamics off and set broadphase type to MBP

Hope that helps,

Hi @AlesBorovicka ,
Thanks for your help, it works.
Best regard with you.

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