Warehouse Physics Demo issue in (2023.2.5)


I’m in the process of evaluating omniverse for my company and I find the physic simulation quite slow.

I had issues with my tests (Isaac Sim, conveyor, 150 items) and I decided to try the Warehouse Physics Demo to validate if my installation was the issue and the result are not very good:

I saw in previous post that you need to activate an extension that doesn’t seems to exist anymore:
Warehouse Physics demo Low FPS - Omniverse / Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums

I also tried the PhysicsScene Update Type to “Async”

But still really slow, and my computer runs at 20% CPU and 3% GPU usage…

The warehouse demo is quite demanding. I would not expect it to run very well. Have you tried just making your own scene from scratch ? I have done some pretty complex simulations with it with good speed.

Let me do some investigating and get back to you.

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I gave it a go again today and the writing into .usd was the issue.

Uploading the demo (or my test scene) and enabling this extension with those parameters fixed the issue:

Great thanks

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