Omniverse is a service-oriented resource sharing platform, so when can we expect a semblance of a kit for Web3? This is anything but trivial, it is just as important as USD. Creating for the metaverse without web3 is silly, right?

Hello @devhci! I’ve sent your request over to the development team to review. Thanks for reaching out to us!

A feature request was generated from this forum post. OM-66064: Web3/ethereum

Hey there! I completely agree with you on the importance of Web 3 for creating a truly interconnected metaverse. As for Omniverse, they’ve been making significant strides towards integrating Web3 capabilities into their platform.
In fact, they recently announced a partnership with Narrative Trading, a decentralized protocol for narrative-based prediction markets. This collaboration will allow Omniverse users to leverage Narrative Trading’s platform to create, trade and monetize narratives within the metaverse.