WebRTC over VPN fails

I am trying to run Isaac in headless mode with webrtc over a VPN. However, it does not connect, the browser page keeps spinning and nothing related to connection on the terminal running isaac. I tried both running the runheadless.webrtc.sh and running a modified version of the livestream.py: none of them works. Webrtc only works if I try with localhost on the same pc.

The same ways above, websocket works well in contrast.

Am I missing some settings to make webrtc work?

Note: Isaac 2012.2.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Hi @ozhanozen , can you share the logfile?

Attached logs correspond to when I start Isaac webrtc mode from docker container and natively from the omniverse launcher, respectively.

container_log.log (89.3 KB)
kit_20230313_112240.log (1.2 MB)

Hi. Is the Client and Isaac Sim separated by the Internet? Do you have all required ports open.
Generally, I would recommend using runheadless.native.sh and using the Omniverse Streaming Client to connect through the Internet.

WebRTC and WebSocket should work fine in a local network.

Well yes and no. I tried both separated by internet and on the same network: none works. The ports should be open. Choosing runheadless.native.sh is not an option as the client PCs we use are macos, which cannot run Omniverse launcher as far as we know. Is there any way to run Omniverse Streaming Client on a mac? (apple silicon)

Websocket works but not so stable, so we would like to try webrtc.

Hi, I’m afraid the Streaming Client is not yet available on MacOS.

Have you tried the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1?

I tried, it does not work.