What do the UART of J21, J17 and J10 of TX2 dev Kit use for respectively?

Usually I only use UART0_TX(H12) UART0_RX(G12) as serial console. But I don’t know what’s the UART usage on J17(UART7) and J10(UART1). For J10, that is debug connector, what interface I can buy to plug into it?

For now I want to run GPIO example code, and I follow the steps in gpio.md of rt-aux-cpu-demo, but nothing print out in serial console.

hello garretzou,

  1. please access Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification, you should also check [Serial Port] session for details of J17.
  2. please also access Jetson TX1-TX2 Developer Kit Camera Module Design Files if you’re looking for schematics.
  3. J10 debug connector is used by nvidia internally, I don’t sure there’re debug modules you can buy to work with it.

Dear JerryChang,

Thanks a lot.

I can get “Message from SPE R5 UART” log information following the steps of uart.md under rt-aux-cpu-demo. But getting nothing when I tried the gpio sample application following the steps of gpio.md. I use the official files with nothing changed to flash the tx2 dev kit. And I am not sure if I have to change the dts file to stop kernel/bootloader accessing these pin17&pin15 of J26.

hello garretzou,

it seems a follow-up question, and you already initial another discussion thread, Topic 1065249.
let’s tracking remaining question there.