What is a "CVB" and what does it stand for?

The Jetson AGX Orin Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up document refers to “CVB” as an initialism; this appears a few times in the documentation, but as far as I can tell is never defined, explained, or unpacked. I am guessing it stands for Carrier Vendor Board — what is otherwise referred to as a “carrier board” — but I am not certain. For example, it says “Select the appropriate UPHY configuration from UPHY Lane Configuration), which suits the CVB design and update ODMDATA accordingly.”

I went round and round with ChatGPT on this to no avail. Apparently there is a CVB video block pertinent to Nvidia SoCs, but this is something that in context can be customer-designed. I searched the forums and they are replete with references, but no explanation. It appears in the device tree, and seems to be related to the EEPROM, but I don’t know how closely. Please consider adding these terms to one of the glossaries.

Please check the naming:

CV-M (Computer Vision - Module)
CV-B (Computer Vision - Base IO or Carrier Board)

You can use developer kit for development. A developer kits has CVM+CVB:
Jetson Developer Kits | NVIDIA Developer

And then you may design your own carrier board and can get only modules:
Jetson Modules, Support, Ecosystem, and Lineup | NVIDIA Developer

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