What is the difference between two NX modules

Hello all,
I use a number of Jetson Xavier NX DevKits. And I faced very strange issue…
I use e-con MIPI camera. It works fine on one Jetson, but if I put the other module (with the same SD card, of course) it finds /dev/video0 but doesn’t ‘play’ the video…
As I said, the same carrier, the same camera, the same SD card, everything is the same, but module… Once works well, once fails.
What can be the reason??

  1. You filed the topic in the wrong forum.

  2. Jetson NX’s sdcard only provides the rootfs/kernel and kernel dtb. The rest of software is on the QSPI of that module. If you only change from one sd to another sd, then the software on the QSPI will not be updated. This could affect some behavior after kernel is up.

But the detail should be debugged further. For example, I don’t know what does that mean it can find /dev/video0 but cannot play. What application are you using to open a camera? Any error log to share?

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot!
Now it works well!

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