What's the big deal with Optimus?

From the technical point of view, why is NSight so limited in this system?

Hi Caian,

CUDA development is fully featured on Optimus laptop. As for graphics shader debugging support, there is significant SW complexity that requires additional support from Nsight to make it work. Please let us know if this is important to you. We do recommend that laptop users pick out systems where Optimus can be disabled and where the NVIDIA Discreet GPU is capable of driving directly the LCD panel.

Hi sdomine,

NSight is a great tool and I would love to use it to debug shaders and OpenGL apps. Is there any hope of having NSight fully running (OpenGL shader debugging) with Optimus?

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Not at the moment but we are also investigating alternatives. We recommend Nsight users interested in using laptops to make sure they pick systems where the Discreet GPU can drive the Display or that the BIOS is capable of disabling Optimus. I recognize the inconvenience this is causing. I hope you can change systems and continue to use Nsight.