Where can we find Jetson parts?

There are not a lot but there are some.

For example, for an xavier … this part was missing in a sealed kit.

  1. what is the part number?
  2. where can it be purchased?

I don’t have a part number, but that is a standard 0.1" (0.254 2.54 mm) spacing 40-pin (2x20) receptacle/female socket (through-hole). I can’t actually see the receptacle side, so I’m making the assumption that those pins are for soldering in through-hole. Most of these would work in place:

The through-hole type is nice for the Xavier for experimenting because many DMMs or other test equipment can clip on to this, but any 40-pin (2x20) 0.1" spacing receptacle would work.

Thanks for the reply.
Are you sure that’s the actual item that is in the xavier dev kit?

In general, we need a parts list and source for all nvidia dev boards that identifies and sources each of item that attaches separately to the motherboard.

Recently there was a request for a fan part number.
That prompted a response from a mod who gave the part number.
Where did he get it?

Are we going to ask on a part by part basis?
How can we get the mods to respond?

  • unless nvidia has a parts store?

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This is not the specific part, but the image with the 40-pins (arranged in a 2x20 grid) is a standardized 0.1" spacing (2.54 mm) receptacle capable of plugging directly into the 40-pin external i/o header on the Xavier.

I have no access to specific part numbers, but there are assembly drawings available of the carrier boards in the different products (large CAD files or PDF versions of CAD files in most cases). The part number may be in one of those. Log in here, and you may have to click the URL a second time since redirect does not work:

If you do not find what you need there, then someone here should be able to find a specific part number (versus one which is just “compatible”).