What is the PartNumber for Jetson Nano Module has an EMMC??

Hello ,
I want to buy a jetson nano module that has EMMC port!!

this https://www.siliconhighwaydirect.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=900-13448-0020-000
this https://www.arrow.com/en/products/900-13448-0020-000/nvidia

Do they have this feature(EMMC)?

I buy this product,https://www.siliconhighwaydirect.co.uk/product-p/945-13450-0000-000.htm
But no EMMC(No EMMC IC,have been assembled on the Core Board).

If possible, introduce the jetson nano module(with EMMC) part number along with its purchase link?

Please help me,

Hi hhami.2040, the P/N for Jetson Nano module (with eMMC) is: 900-13448-0020-000

You can find all of the Jetson part numbers here on the FAQ: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/faq#jetson-part-numbers

You can find links to the distributor pages for Jetson Nano module by clicking the “Buy Now” button on this page: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-nano

The first two links you posted above to Silicon Highway and Arrow are correct for purchasing the Nano module (with eMMC):

Note that you would either need to use an ecosystem carrier or a customized carrier of your design to boot the Nano module, as the current revision of the devkit is not compatible with it. For more info, please refer to this thread: Jetson Nano Module Available Now

The Nano devkit (P/N 945-13450-0000-000) does not have eMMC, it uses removable microSD card for storage.

thankyou,for your response…