Where to fine the physics scripting-related document such as PhysxSchema PhysxSchemaTools

Hi, I am stuyding isaac sim.

I am analyzing some standalone example codes, but it is difficult to find pxr-related documents such as PhysxSchema PhysxSchemaTools, etc. And where can I get the document about omni.physx.scripts?

Where can I get a document that I can read and understand related to it?
There is a lot of omniverse related material… but it is too scattered and hard to find.

You can check the doxygen doc generated for the UsdPhysics and PhysxSchema:

General python scripting doc can be also found here:

I would also recommend to open the physics demos: Window->Simulation->Physics->Demos, there each demo is generated from a python script, so you can view the source python file (there is a button for that).


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Thanks so much. It is really helpful.

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